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Best apps for college students: perfect choice

Whatever college or university you choose, the good study is what helps you maintain your academic reputation and get good grades. This means that you need to make an effort to learn new material, do homework, do assignments from your professors.

Fortunately, modern technology avoids round-the-clock spending in the library. A few years ago, students had to spend hours flipping through textbooks and cramming new information. Today everything has changed. Using modern college students’ apps on your smartphone, you will be convinced that studying may not be boring at all.

Why do you need a student app?

Different student apps offer different features. You can study the list with the best offers and understand what kind of software is useful to you. Developers offer both free and paid applications for students for different operating systems. Some of them will help to increase your productivity, others are created for a deeper study of the material and contain visual aids. There are also applications that help you learn in a playful way. We are ready to share with you a list of the best ideas!

5 Best apps for your productivity


Every Saturday you receive an e-mail arrives asking important questions about the past and the next week. Writing the response, you need to send the results of the week and plan the tasks for the next one. You will see the results pretty soon, in 3-4 weeks


It is a planning assistant and time tracking application at the same time. This app is particularly suitable for beginners who are torn between applications for project self-management. It is flexible enough for use by small teams of up to five people, so you can share this idea with other students. Thanks to synchronization with Apple and Google Calendars, Timely users can keep track of projects without interrupting the workflow.


If you are a fan of Apple and prefer to use only their technology for remote work, the Hours study app is your choice. A simple interface pays a lot of attention to functionality, so you can easily manage different projects with color shortcuts and timestamps. You can assign a case, set a timer and study. The app will help to adjust the time costs and tighten self-discipline: you can set a timer for entertainment, so as not to procrastinate on Instagram for an hour and a half. Available for desktop and smartphone.


The browser bookmarks are full, everything is lost, and the eternal “God, where have I seen this?!” Forgot about all these! Wildfire is an extension for Chrome that records all your activities on web pages. It creates a journal with data from the resources you have visited and helps you quickly find the right one. This application is the best choice when you write an essay, student research, a term paper, etc. You will not miss any of your links.

Pomodoro Timer Lite

This application is for students who use the Pomodoro technique. It helps to track time periods for your productivity. The bottom line is that you work hard for 25 minutes, and then you can get distracted by other things.

Different useful apps each student needs

  • BenchPrep is a real library on your smartphone. No matter what topic interests you, here you will find the necessary cards and questions. The application offers more than 600 lessons so that you can prepare for your exam.
  • iStudiezPro is a convenient application for managing your courses and homework. You can access your classes in real-time at any time. Track grades and improve your academic performance! The application is also able to synchronize with your phone, tablet or laptop.
  • Evernote It is difficult to imagine a student who would not hear about this application. And now you can try it! Keep your notes, add audio and video files, images.
  • StudyBlue One of the fastest and most effective ways to remember information is to use flashcards. But you don’t have to spend your time creating such cards yourself. Now you can do it online with this convenient application. Or use ready-made cards from the base.
  • Engineering Professional. Students of technical specialties constantly have to deal with formulas. Now you will not forget any of them. This app contains over 650 different formulas that you can open at any time.
  • EasyBib. Formatting in different styles causes students a lot of difficulties. But we know how to help you. If you want to create a link to a source, just enter its name or scan the barcode. This application will definitely help you!
  • Babylon. Learning foreign languages ​​will no longer cause you any difficulties. This application provides access to 75 languages ​​and more than 100 dictionaries. If you are writing an essay or preparing a presentation for your course, you always know where to find the right word.
  • Dictation of the Dragon. This is an amazing software that will teach you how to quickly and efficiently deal with all errands. What you need is just to dictate your text. The application immediately recognizes it. Thus, you can run on a treadmill and “write” your essay at the same time.

3 Sport student applications that you definitely need


Regardless of whether you track your progress during weight loss or in preparation for a marathon, this application has something to offer you.

Students spend a lot of time reading textbooks and therefore may experience a lack of physical activity. Gamification is what will help fix this situation. Track walks, runs and any other physical activity. The program has 50 million users and is suitable for people with different goals. You can plan your training schedule based on the class schedule. Sport strengthens the brain and contributes to better performance!

J&J Official 7 Minute Workout

The 7-minute J&J training was developed by Chris Jordan, director of the exercise physiology department at the John Performance & Johnson Human Performance Institute. The application is based on studies of circular training. The research results showed that short but intense exercises and quick rest can significantly improve the student’s physical condition.

Thanks to the video tutorials, you will learn how to perform each of the 72 exercises safely and effectively. Your progress is displayed on the performance panel. There you will see the days of training and the number of completed cycles.

Zombies, Run!

This is an addictive game and audio-adventure. First, you are immersed in history – you run to one of the last remaining outposts of humanity after the zombie epidemic. Your task is to collect provisions, save the survivors and protect their homes.

Even if you’re just jogging in the park, taking a walk or doing a treadmill, you can save hundreds of virtual lives and find out the truth about the zombie apocalypse. Your mission and running music are played through headphones. When you suddenly hear that you are being chased by zombies, you will need to accelerate.

How can some websites help you study

websites help study

In fact, not only the best apps for college students in 2020 can help you with your studies. The application will not do your homework and will not write an argumentative essay. If you understand that you don’t have enough time or if you simply don’t want to carry out all these tasks, don’t be upset. You can take advantage of the help of professional writing and editorial websites. Such an opportunity is available at any time of the day. Just study the terms of cooperation, leave a request with your requirements and receive a ready paper written from scratch at the right time.

You can perceive such services as qualified assistance. Not all students can cope with all academic assignments at the same time. This causes an increase in psychological stress. Being under constant pressure, you definitely cannot study well. Therefore, feel free to order paper. This is a good contribution to your education and moral stability!


Are student apps really useful?

The benefits of the best apps for college students depend on how you use them. You can spend the whole day in the application using its entertaining features. This will be useful at first, but not in the long run. You can also download various applications and constantly test them.

But if you wisely approach the planning of your working time, pick up such applications that will help you organize the educational process, you will achieve good results. It is much more convenient to find one suitable application than dozens of different ones, and use it all the time.

What are the best planner apps for college students?

A good planner is one that matches your habits and lifestyle. Some students prefer gliders with a list of tasks that they can mark completed. Other students choose gliders in the form of a calendar for the day, week, month. What unites them is a systematic approach. The application will not force you to write down your plans every day and report on their implementation. But it will be a reliable assistant and a quality tool if you know your goals and are ready to work hard to achieve them.

What are the best apps for online college students?

If you study remotely and spend a lot of time online, you will also need applications. First of all, this is software for video communication with your teachers and classmates. You can use Skype, Zoom and other similar services in order to always stay in touch. You will also need cloud space and services for hosting file data, such as Google Drive. You can also keep your notes and notes in certain applications. Trello is one of the best applications for projects. This is a service where you can create tasks, appoint responsible specialists, and monitor the implementation of tasks.

What software do college students need?

Some students may study without using any software. On the one hand, classical approaches to learning are time-tested. But on the other hand, you should use modern opportunities to achieve the desired results. What applications do students need are planners, organizers, text editors, video services, calculators. Also, there are a lot of applications today that allow you to study various subjects: mathematics, biology, anatomy, literature. They contain a large amount of information, games, and tests for students.

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