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The best anatomy and physiology app for students

Student life is always full of bright moments. You not only gain new knowledge and skills but also have a great time. This is the best period to start building your future career, make good friends, travel, and work. Of course, for this, you need to organize your studies competently. Medical students are constantly faced with stress. And one of the most difficult subjects at the university is anatomy and physiology. These are those subjects that are not just complex, but also very responsible. Bad grades can seriously affect your academic reputation. But how to combine study at university, work and fun at the same time? Leverage modern technologies! Fortunately, every student has a smartphone today. This means that regardless of your operating system, you can download the best anatomy and physiology app. Is it possible to choose only one of them? We can offer some ideas to consider.

Anatomy and physiology applications to choose from

3D Motion Human Anatomy

Despite the fact that there are a huge number of anatomical atlases and encyclopedias that were created for both schoolchildren and medical students, this one is the best app to learn anatomy and physiology. It allows you to study the three-dimensional model of the human body. Although the educational application was originally conceived as an application for doctors, primarily orthopedists, it is absolutely understandable to the general audience. Each movement of the model muscles is depicted as reliably as possible, with medical accuracy.

Visual Anatomy

It is a pretty detailed study app on the human anatomical structure, which contains many qualitative images and more than 200 different functions. Here is a catalog of various objects of the human body with a description of each. To test your knowledge, Visual Anatomy has a built-in quiz with answers to the questions.

Complete anatomy

It is the best app for human anatomy and physiology that has completely transformed the way people study the anatomy of the human body. This application is available for the iPad and allows users to study the human body using three-dimensional images. Using this application, you can study over 9000 structures and look through each layer of the human body. Convenient means of cutting and drawing will help you. The application allows you to take notes, it uses interactive quizzes that facilitate the study of the body, and also allows you to share knowledge and achievements with other students through a cloud platform.

Pathophysiology of Disease

This study app contains 12 major topics that provide a thorough overview of the underlying pathophysiological concepts.

Each category has a selection of clinical cases that require the use of textbook knowledge in real-world cases.

Using this app, you will learn all you need about the following sections and diseases:

  • Cardiovascular system
  • Respiratory system
  • Excretory system
  • Gastrointestinal system
  • Nervous system
  • Mental disorders
  • Endocrine system
  • Reproductive system
  • Immune system
  • Hematological disorders
  • Oncological diseases
  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal, integumentary and connective tissues

The free version of the program contains a clinical case study and a detailed diagnosis in each area.

ABG Book

It is one of the best college anatomy and physiology apps that were created to simplify the understanding of acid-base balance. This is a relatively complex topic in human pathophysiology. The program will be useful as a supplement to the textbook, or student guidance.

IC: Synaptic Transmission

The app provides an interactive script explaining the synaptic transmission mechanism in which the student is expected to play the role of a neurologist. You’ll need to cope with several medical tasks, such as reviewing the patient’s symptoms, learning the basics of synaptic transmission by exploring them in a built-in interactive guide. Next, you will be able to plunge into your patient’s brain to begin the investigation by collecting and analyzing brain tissue data. This will allow you to formulate and test the hypothesis of the pathology that led to the disorders. Such apps will be useful in the study of pathological physiology and neurology.

Figure 1

This app is sometimes called “Instagram for doctors.” It allows professionals to share images related to various diseases, and injuries. According to the developers, today thousands of texts, emails, and messages are sent by doctors along with images related to different complex cases. With this application, they have now received a simpler, more convenient and significantly more secure alternative. And although the application is designed for doctors, anyone can connect to this service, which allows students to see various medical cases from real life that are not described in the textbooks they study.

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All you need to know about medical educational apps

medical educational apps

What is the best anatomy and physiology app?

There are a lot of good student applications today. You do not have to choose only one of them. But you can study the offers from our list to understand which applications are right for you. Some students rely on the interface, others prefer a large amount of content. The best app is the one you really use to your advantage.

Why do I need the anatomy app?

When it goes about the study of anatomy, we should consider that this science is one of the most difficult for many students. Why do you need the application to learn it? This is a way to help you better understand the theoretical material. You can see in your application hat you read in textbooks, you can see in the application. Three-dimensional models will allow you to study parts of the human body well. These are visual aids for a better understanding. Subsequently, when you become a medical practitioner, you will be able to use the knowledge gained from the applications.

How can I choose the best app?

One of the options is to read various recommendations from other students online. We have selected a list of good applications for you. But in fact, there are many other interesting options for you. You can install some applications, test them and make the right decision. The main thing is not to think that having an application will help you learn anatomy on its own. Use it regularly, and then you will notice the result.

What is the easiest way to learn human anatomy?

The best way to learn is to practice all the time. Anatomy is a science that requires a practical approach. Each human body is unique. You can read in a textbook how it works, but you will never understand all aspects completely if you do not use practical knowledge. Therefore, we recommend that you use the application when you have free time. They take literally 5-10 minutes, but during this time you can repeat the learned material and master new knowledge.

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