best anatomy apps for medical students

The best anatomy apps for medical students

Anatomy is a very important discipline and one of the most difficult sections in biology. Regardless of whether you want to learn more about the human body or plan to build a career as a doctor, you will need to master anatomy. Be prepared for the fact that this is a really challenging task. You will need a lot of time, perseverance and responsibility. Fortunately, today there are many methods that will simplify the learning process. We have prepared some useful tips for you, as well as some best anatomy apps for medical students.

Professional tips to master anatomy 

All medical subjects are quite complex. And often their complexity lies not only in the amount of information but also in the level of responsibility. No mistakes are allowed. Therefore, you should read as many tips on how to study anatomy which may come in handy during education. We have prepared several of them for you.

Choose the right educational course

Each medical college or university has several courses that are suitable for studying anatomy. Some of them are quite general, while others are devoted to specific topics, for example, the muscular system or the central nervous system. Make sure that the course you have chosen matches your level of knowledge and interests.

Check requirements

If you study anatomy as a medical student, you should consult your mentor. Some universities put forward their requirements for a diploma. Make sure that you attend the course that will help you achieve the desired result.

Use visual materials

Anatomy is not just a theory. Doctors are constantly working with various components of the human body. Therefore, instead of reading textbooks, you better use diagrams, pictures, schematic images. You can also use the modern study app for this purpose. The list of the best ones you will find below.

Focus on the differences

All training materials describe general anatomical concepts and standards. But to be honest, every person is different. If you spend time in laboratories, you have the opportunity to observe normal and pathological conditions, the differences between different organisms. This is what will help you to remember information better. Use the best human anatomy app to visualize theoretical material.

List of good anatomy apps to consider

Anatomy 3D Atlas

This is the first application that is guaranteed to be useful to you. And we know several reasons for this at once. The application is well-developed, filled with a large number of models. You will find a model of any system of the human body, whether it is the nervous, cardiovascular system, lymphatic or endocrine. There are also models of the musculoskeletal system, sensory organs, etc. You will definitely appreciate the opportunity to enlarge each model, rotate it, examine muscles both on a superficial and on a deep level. The application also contains theoretical information that will help you quickly learn new knowledge.

Anatomy Learning

Another three-dimensional application for quick and easy study of anatomy. Please note that the images are so detailed that they can occupy too much space in the smartphone’s memory. That is why the developers of the application made it available exclusively in the online format. Also, you can always visit the official site to get acquainted with three-dimensional illustrations in full size.

BioDigital Human

If you understand that you want to focus on individual parts of the body during your anatomical course, use this application. It allows you to select any part of the body and study the maximum information about it. There are more than 300 cards with theoretical data and more than 1000 models in three-dimensional space.

Insight Heart

It is one of the most impressive apps on this list. Thanks to the functions of augmented reality and tactile response, a huge beating heart can be suspended in the air right in front of you, and its heartbeat is not only heard but felt as well. If you want to see the ventricles and valves, it is enough to get close to the heart: it will automatically open and let in. The application shows the difference between normal functioning and heart function in case of hypertension, heart attack, and other diseases. But perhaps the most fascinating feature is the opportunity to see one’s own heart in a calm state or during sports training. You need to synchronize the application with Apple Watch and HealthKit for this purpose.

Touch Surgery

This application is a real interactive surgical simulator. The platform is intended primarily for professionals, but those who are not related to medicine will not be bored as well. With the help of virtual instruments and animated patients, you can try yourself as a dentist, cardiologist, plastic, and neurosurgeon, ophthalmologist: there are more than a hundred of different operations on the menu. The process is accompanied by step-by-step instructions that help you make the right decision. 3D graphics provide realism. Playing a doctor has never been so exciting.

Muscle premium

A comprehensive 3D anatomy reference guide designed for practitioners and medical students. In Muscle Premium, you can not only examine the musculoskeletal system but also understand what injuries look like and also understand the causes of their occurrence in the musculoskeletal system. Thousands of 3D and animated images are available in the application. They demonstrate the work of muscles, ligaments, nerves, and bones. You can find video presentations with the participation of doctors and researchers in the multimedia section.

How editing and custom writing services can help you study

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All you need to know about anatomy apps

What is the easiest way to learn human anatomy?

Each student has his own talents and dispositions. This means that you and other students can perceive information in different ways. But when it comes to anatomy, the best way to learn is practice. The theory will not help here. You have to spend a lot of time studying visual materials, as well as in medical laboratories. This will help you gain the experience necessary for further work.

What is the best human anatomy app?

You can look at some ratings and read reviews on various anatomical applications in Apple Store or Play Market. This will allow you to rank the best options. But we advise you to test various applications personally in order to understand which one is the best anatomy app for you personally.

What is the best app for understanding human anatomy?

We recommend that you use three-dimensional applications, where all muscles, organs, body parts are well visualized. This will help you present the working material, study it from all sides.

Do I need anatomy applications?

Of course, the use of such applications is not necessary. This is just another option you can use. Every student has a smartphone today, you can check applications even in transport or during your morning coffee. This is what will help you quickly prepare for the exam or find the answer to your question.

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