Best Study Apps how to choose

Best Study Apps – how to choose and don’t fail with use

How study apps can help you in 2020?

Best study apps are designed to keep all tasks done in time and in the most convenient way. They provide unlimited opportunities for convenient training in any field of independent study. As a part of young people’s mobile lifestyles, they are real support in the study process, they engage, surprise and entertain at the same time. Best study apps are an essential part of smart education.

Some of them are personal information and knowledge warehouse. They store and provide quick access to any file in real-time. The apps help us to stay with deadlines and they motivate us when we are behind the schedule. Using productive apps, young people can plan their busy time between meetings, study process, generating new ideas, sharing with friends and of course the time for rest and resources’ recovery.

There are a lot of useful study apps offered in different sources for IOS and Android. The app industry is one of the most fast-growing. And new solutions come up almost every day.

Today’s digital life is increasingly “composed” of applications. The very similar functionality can be implemented in different app brands. The research of 2019 shows that 60-90 apps are installed on the average smartphone. It is one of the most common misconceptions to have 2-3-5 apps doing the same task. This blurs the focus, confuses the person and, as a result, reduces the productivity of the independent studies. Our recommendation is to choose just one app and one help-desk for one “job”. And enjoy the full functionality of use.

We’ve made a short review – which study apps are at the top for students and young specialists in 2020. Among the best training applications presented below, everyone can choose the options that are most appropriate for your tasks, character and learning habits.

Create your own set of tools that you will use with pleasure!

2020’s best study apps review by purpose

Here is the list of apps most used for independent study and effective job management.

To-do apps.

Always keep a list of the most important things to do.

  • Todoist. Allows organizing life and study processes.
  • Wunderlist Pro. Plan and keep track of all tasks. Allows adding comments and hashtags.
  • Keep your schedule and track with notes, to-do lists. Allows to share and sync between all devices.
  • Memento for IOS. Allows choosing the visual appearance of the to-do list (vertical or grid look).

Deadlines and time-tracking apps.

Remind you of deadlines and help to anticipate late arrivals.

  • Exam Countdown Lite. Allows seeing how many months, weeks, dates, minutes your exam is away.
  • Toggl. Time tracking tool with data sync between smartphone and desktop. Allows to export and import data from/to CSV and PDF files.

Calendar and meetings apps.

To plan, check, change details and never miss an important event or meeting.

  • iStudiez Pro Legend. Track schedules and grades in one app. It allows not to miss classes and assignments.
  • My Study Life. Organize classes and exams easily. Works online and offline, allows to sync data on all devices.
  • Google Calendar. Consolidates all important events and plans in one place. Allows integration with other work and study apps.
  • 24me for IOS. Allows combining calendar, to-do lists, and notes in one place.
  • Fantastical for IOS. The new-look of a calendar, sorting tasks by category, supporting dark mode and vertical view.

Project management and task tracking apps.

To divide the project into specific tasks and track the progress in their implementation.

  • Trello. Digital board to complete your personal or group project successfully. Uses cards to show project options.
  • Ayoa. Visual project coordination tool. It can be merged with iMindMap.
  • Teamweek. Visualizes team tasks and members using the Gantt charts approach.
  • Basecamp 3. The powerful project management and coordination tool.

Mind-maps apps.

To capture all ideas on the topic in a logical order.

  • XMind. One of the best tools for mind-mapping. Allows focusing thoughts and energy on the topic. And export mind-maps to Evernote.
  • Simplemind Pro. Create mind-maps, add media to them. It offers unique layouts, interactive and easy to use.

Notes creation and management apps.

To take and save notes, manage changes and have everything in one online-notebook.

  • Evernote. Keeps everything (text with links, audio recordings, etc.) in one place. Allows syncing all devices.
  • Drafts 5 for IOS. A note-taking tool allows us to tag and sort notes, turn them in documents, social posts, tweets, etc.
  • OneNote. The note-taking and uploading app, also allows multiple users to work on the same document.
  • EasyBib. Creating papers with proper citing sources.

Focusing on task apps.

Not to procrastinate over tasks and to focus when you need to complete them in time.

  • Forest. Built a real forest by staying focused on the task for a long time.
  • Freedom. Prevents you from accessing certain web sites and apps while working on the task.
  • Pomodoro type apps. Allow to schedule and complete the number of 25 minutes tasks with breaks: PomoDone, Focus Booster, Focus Keeper, Marinara Timer.

Information and knowledge apps.

To get all the latest knowledge available on the internet on any topic of training.

  • Quizlet Go. Use other people’s study sets on any topic. Create own topics.
  • Coursera. Free online classes on any topic from over 120 leading universities and institutions.
  • Flashcards+. Create own flashcards to prepare for the exam or use other people’s sets. 
  • Wolfram. Type a question on any topic or formula and get your answer.
  • StudyBlue. Create, learn and share digital flashcards on topics, access to flashcard base of over 10 million other students.

Files storing and sharing apps.

To save topic files of any type, access them from one window and share heavy items just by providing a link.

  • Google Drive. The top apps to store, sort, review and share all formats of files.
  • Dropbox. Cloud storage service for file sharing.

Design and presentation apps.

To create the best presentation of your project using the best ready templates.

  • Flow for IOS. Provides a luxury drawing experience, various tools, and paper templates.
  • Prezi. Allows to display your information and results of research in the most engaging way. It provides various great templates.

Useful apps for basic work with files, emails, and contacts.

To manage Word, Excel, Pdf, etc. and list of contacts from the smartphone.

  • Word, Excel & Powerpoint. Provides the best standards of desktop productivity in the smartphone.
  • Google Docs. The standard for cloud word processing and shared access.
  • Slack. The powerful tool for chatting, file storage and team collaboration. Quick sharing of items due to Google Drive integration.
  • Cloze. Combines contacts, email center and social networks in one place.
  • LiquidText for iPad. A tool to work with documents allows to compare, review and search.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader. Functional annotation app to view, sign, store and convert PDFs.
  • Outlook. Brings together emails, contacts, attachments, and calendar.
  • Edison Mail. Manages all email clients in one place. Allows to sort letters and get rid of spam by unsubscribing option.

Eyes and Mental Health apps.

To relax from working at computers and accumulate energy for important tasks.

  • EyeLeo. Tracks the time you spend in front of the monitor and blocks everything when you need to take a prescheduled break. Also shows useful training.
  • Similar apps: Safe Eyes Linux, Time Out, Iris, Fadetop, SmartBreak, RSIBreak, Big Stretch Reminder.

Password & Security apps.

To save the latest used passwords and protect personal data.

  • 1Password. All logins and passwords to apps and web sites in one place.
  • LastPass. Saves logins and passwords, the Premium version allows additional options like strong password generation.

Language study & translation apps.

To learn new languages systematically and to translate quickly.

  • Duolingo. Allows to listen, read and speak lessons when learning the language.
  • Other useful apps for independent language study: Busuu, Babbel.
  • Leaf. Contextual reference.
  • Memrise. For fun vocabulary practice.
  • (How to) Pronounce. You can type a word or phrase and listen to the pronunciation.

Super-useful apps for everyone.

Essential apps for life and work productivity.

  • Dragon Anywhere. Dictate by voice, edit, and export to Evernote all your thoughts in text format.
  • Scanner Pro. A portable smartphone and iPad scanner.
  • Scanbot. Allows to quickly scan any type in the document.
  • Just Press Record for IOS. One-tap recording tool using also transcription. Allows searching through recordings for specific items. Syncs to iCloud.
  • Otter Voice Notes. Takes voice recordings and makes their smart transcription.
  • IFTTT. Automates some routine tasks like messaging to people and other standard phone operations. The logic is set as: “If This, Then That”.
  • Rev Voice Recorder. Automated and human transcription which turns audio recordings into text format.
  • Google Hangouts. Group chats accessible from the email box. Allows seeing people’s faces and share screens while video conference.
  • LinkedIn. Find useful information, personal coach among the best industry professionals, share your CV and get the best job.
  • Zapier. It allows for creating an integration between all possible apps.
  • Read Later. Saves articles to read at any time.
  • Zoom. One of the best video call services.

Check their description and install the best one from each category.

Websites to help you study. Editing and Custom Writing Services

Students and academic associates are often overloaded with different tasks. Another type of important help is text writing and editing services. They provide quick and high-quality essays and paper creations on any topic. Custom writing services get your order online via a special form. They process your task fully anonymously and come back with the ready option.

Students overloaded with different tasks

Writing services are working with urgent (to 3 hours ready) and long term (1-2 weeks) orders. Most often, they are trying to get your task done as quickly as possible, guided by the rule – quality first. If you want to save money and nerves order your text in advance.

When people come to the fact that they need the help of such services? – First of all, when you have a big number of tasks to be done in very short terms. Some of the disciplines are more familiar to you, so you can show a quick and relevant result by yourself. Some are more complicated but also need to be done and sent to the professor or curator in time. Writing services have wide expertise in all academic topics and will help you to complete your task and excel in certain disciplines.

Start to discover the new in your productivity

Take time to create your personal study set of efficient tools. The first step is to write down all the most important types of tasks, problems that need to be solved and requirements to the study apps. Choose the app types which are most critical to implement first. Check the interfaces and the number of functions, read reviews and compare ratings. You can download or access any number of apps and websites but, please, consider that to start with one study app will take some time to get acquainted and train. Step-by-step apps implementation will show more results in the productivity increase.

Some more apps to support you when self-motivation is temporarily decreasing:

  • ThinkUp. Positive affirmations.
  • Fabulous. Self-care application with a library to help a person to improve productivity and focus.
  • Motivate. Access to motivational videos from best mentors around the world.
  • FitQuote. Daily quotes to inspire a person to keep training and never miss a day to achieve fitness goals.

FAQ: Check answers and ask us your unique questions

How to choose the best study apps?

Set a goal – what you need to be done and have round-clock access from your smartphone. Check available apps options. Choose 1-2 you like most in each task’s topic. Read reviews and compare ratings. Gather opinions from your friends and authority people who are using these study apps. Ask them about the main practical pros and cons. Compare this to your own apps’ first try. Decide about study application. Download and start immediately to take all possible advantages while you’re motivated.

What are the best apps to study in 2020?

There are many useful study apps. Each has its own “practical chips”. Above, we gathered the most popular study apps in 2019-2020. Most of them are of the highest efficiency. Which is the best – it is up to you depending on your personal habits and preferences.

I started but can’t work with all those study apps. What am I doing wrong?

Audit the list of study apps and service web sites you’ve saved to use. Choose those which you use more frequently and estimate the level of efficiency. Choose the apps you’ve saved or downloaded but do not use them for weeks. Delete them. Think which important tasks need to be done but you don’t have an appropriate online tool. Review the offered apps list. Start with a new study app, don’t skip the instruction stage. Ask for help if you can’t find or organize the app options. Train and train again, until using the application becomes easy and familiar for you. Don’t give up halfway! The best study apps are created to turn your independent learning and development process into a productive and inspiring long-term personal campaign.

Do I need to choose free or paid services? Are free services good enough for the independent learning process?

Free services, for example, Google’s ones, are fully functional tools used by most professionals in the world. The quality and working power of an app most often don’t depend on its price. The paid services need to be used when an advanced option is required – get ready templates, texts, and papers, use some best-practice automated process, store a bigger amount of information, monetize your data, entertain and surprise people with some unique personal features and results.

Writing Services – do I risk transferring my text task to an external provider?

Our recommendation is to compare, what is considered to be a bigger risk for you – to fail with the task done in time (or complete it is fully exhausted). Or to prevent bad issues by ordering your text from professionals online. Writing services keep all orders anonymous and take all responsibility to complete your paper in time and meeting your discipline quality standards.

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