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List of the best educational apps for high school

All high school students have modern smartphones these days. Many teachers and parents think that teens use gadgets solely for entertainment. There is some truth in this. But also today there is a huge amount of educational materials that allow you to access knowledge at any time. Moreover, not only students but also teachers can use them. Using certain applications in the lessons, you will make your students more interactive. This will help establish a relationship between the group of students and the teacher. Applications can help you to develop creative writing, mathematical skills, learn physics or chemistry, watch documentaries and play games with augmented reality. 

Leverage all available opportunities to turn the enemy into a friend. If students still spend a lot of time on their smartphones, they can spend it to good use. And we compiled a selection of the most popular educational apps for high school students that you can use in the lessons. They will be of interest to the students themselves and your teachers as well. 

List of the best educational apps you can use


If you are looking for a good mirroring app, you have found it! This is a professional solution that will allow you to reflect on your PC a presentation created on a smartphone. If you want to emphasize some important aspects, you can use the marker and add lines and shapes. You can also record a mirror screen on your laptop or computer.

Amazon Kindle

Already from the name, it is clear that this application deserves your attention and trust. Amazon today is a real giant of the market. Now it is developing its own products, including e-books. Amazon Kindle allows you to access any e-books, magazines, and newspapers. This is a great choice for high school students who work with a large amount of information. In addition, you will have a built-in dictionary for instant word searches. This is an indispensable application both during lessons and for self-education.

Fit brains trainer

This application was developed by neuroscientists and it is really impressive! It allows you to not just learn and do homework. It is designed to train your brain. Play games and solve challenging tasks, having fun and flattering. The creators of the application ensure that it helps develops attention, memory, speed, and other necessary cognitive skills.


Is math still a challenge for you? The app will definitely help you to forget about any difficulties and master math without any effort. Now you can simply scan any mathematical equation using the camera on your phone. Once you do this, you will see a step-by-step solution on your smartphone. It is a great helper for simple and complex math problems. Of course, you can simply write down the proposed solution in your notebook. But we recommend using it more wisely. Check out the solution to understand how to apply this to do other sums.


Another awesome math learning app. It is free and very easy to use. All you need to do is photograph a math problem. Pay attention that there are other subjects here: chemistry, history, economics, English. Built-in artificial intelligence analyzes problems and offers concepts for learning. That is, you do not just get a ready-made solution, but you can learn the rules for your classes. Using the Socratic app, you gain access to new knowledge that will definitely be useful in the educational process.

My class schedule

Educational apps for high school that help organize the daily routine are very popular today. High school students are faced with a huge number of assignments. It is very difficult to keep them all in mind. If this is about you, download My Class Schedule. Here you can track your school schedule for a day or a week, to monitor tasks that are already completed. When you study, your phone will automatically go into silent mode so as not to disturb you. Over time, you will notice that your discipline has improved.


This is an amazing social education platform. In fact, it is a social network for communication between teachers, students, and parents. You can connect to Edmodo for sharing data, homework, school grades, and other notifications.

Teachers use this best educational app for high school on Android to publish useful materials and news intended for students and their parents. If you missed a few lessons or want to better understand the new theoretical material, just use Edmodo. Here you can discuss your homework with classmates and ask your teacher a question. This application is especially relevant during the quarantine, when all lessons are conducted remotely.

Do you need some websites to help you study?

If you need help during your training, you can count on it. Fortunately, today high school students do not have to spend a lot of time on their homework. You can use the application at any time, get an answer to your question or solve a mathematical problem.

But what if the application is not what you need in a particular case? For example, an application cannot write an essay in your place. It will not prepare a term paper or dissertation. Do not rush to despair! Today there are many professional writing and editorial services just for this purpose. Such companies operate online, offering services to students from all over the world. This means that if you have access to the Internet from a smartphone or computer, you can place your order. Such websites usually offer round-the-clock customer support, where you can ask questions about the order.

Some high school students wonder how ethical it is to use the services of writing and editorial companies. This is absolutely ethical! You need academic help and you get it. It’s like the services of a tutor who explains the material to you and helps you do your homework. Therefore, if you experience increased stress associated with your studies, simply place an order online and you will receive a custom A-level paper before your deadline!

The most popular questions about educational apps

educational apps

What apps are educational?

These are applications that carry educational value. They may contain theoretical information, for example, materials from various textbooks and applications. They may also contain examples of tests and exams so that you can test your knowledge. Planners can also be called educational applications, as they help organize your school day. Some apps at first glance seem playful, but they also have educational value. They just offer students to learn new knowledge through the game. Sometimes this method is the most effective.

What is the best educational app for high school?

It is impossible to say unequivocally that one application is the best. Different developers offer different applications for high school students. In addition, each user has his own needs. You may find some kind of planner uncomfortable for yourself, but another student will love it. Therefore, we recommend that you study the list of different high school educational apps for iPhone or Android, and test them. This will help you determine which application is best for you. Do not think that you need 5-10 applications. Sometimes just one program helps to cope with all the necessary tasks. A large number of applications distract and divert your focus from education.

Can educational apps for high school be useful?

They can be both useful and harmful to high school students. Do not think that the application is some kind of panacea. This is just a tool that you can use for your own purposes. If you really want to get new knowledge and are looking for all the ways for this, any educational application will be useful to you. But if you want to procrastinate and play games, don’t think that ready-made homework from applications will help improve your academic performance. Of course, you can facilitate the educational process, but for a good result, your personal efforts are also necessary.

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