Best 7 Apps that Help with Homework

The Best 7 Apps that Help You with Your Homework

In the education technology field, some applications may be getting too complicated to use. More and more applications deliver homework on-demand to help students. the main concern around such apps is whether to consider it cheating or not since they might solve any math equations simply with a snap of your camera. However, the positive thing is that such apps inspired teachers to create real-world homework issues. Meanwhile, check out our list of top apps that help you with your homework and everything.

The app that does your homework reviews

1. PhotoMath

This cutting edge application lets users take photos of typed equations, producing a step-by-step solution. On the App, this free application is number one. However, according to teachers, it is not the best one since it tempts students to cheat. Still, the application seems to be rather controversial.

2. iHomework

No matter whether you are a college student or a high schooler you might experience a mess of assignments. This app might assist you in keeping track of the tasks, slicing, and dicing in many ways. Sorting it by course, month, week, or date, this application is such an organized one. 

If you integrate information from Questia, you might link the reading material to your tasks for you not to dig via a pile of essays in search of the right data. Also, there is a scheduling feature to keep track of random bi-weekly Wednesday labs with an opportunity to mark the class on the map in order not to go to the wrong campus. 

3. Google apps for education

This app that does your homework is safe for school to use and is free of charge. Packaging together favorites such as Hangouts, Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive with Classroom, and Google Sheets, this app organizes tasks and sends feedback with a purpose to make learning be a more collaborative process. Even though this app is cloud-hosted, the programs might be utilized offline. it is perfect for students who want to work distraction-free and escape the Internet. It might work on any tool, helping students not buy too expensive devices. So you will have more money for extracurricular activities.

4. HwPic

This is a tutoring service that lets students take photos of their homework and send it to tutors who will respond to them in a couple of minutes to your questions. There is a feature of expediting the answers if a student is in a hurry. The app abandons cheating in its terms and conditions. Tutors often are aware of whether the student paid for expedited answers, and if their photo is blurry, or dim, or taken under the desk.

5. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha differential equations and vector calculus

The target audience of this app is older students who study high levels of math. The app is not supporting photos. You might use this service to find a step-by-step solution to such topics as differential equations and vector calculus, making it one of the most popular tools for college students. You should pay $2.99 to download this app for either Android or iOS.

6. Homework Helper

With the help of this free app, students might crowdsource answers or help to the homework. The users might type the homework questions or post a picture onto online forums, and the one who answers it will get e-coins that might be utilized to buy such electronics as laptops and iPhones. The application has logged 5+ million downloads. It is available for both Android and iOS,

7. Slader

This is such a crowdsourcing application for college and high school students to answer and post questions in science and math. When students might post unique homework for help, many of the questions of the popular textbooks are already answered on the application. 

This app is challenging traditional thoughts about education and math for sure. It is not considered to be a cheating tool, but a solution for many students who need some assistance. The app is free. However, some homework services might require payment. It is available for iOS only though. 

The best websites to help you study

Of course, it is very handy to use applications to help you cope with academic tasks. However, there are such assignments that are impossible to be completed without a human participating in it. Therefore, you are welcome to use writing and editing services to assist you in writing, editing, and proofreading your research papers.

No way artificial intelligence can cope with it, no matter how smart it is, the applications to write high-quality academic essays have not been invented so far. Therefore, you might use the custom writing and editing service to save your time and delegate your essay routine work to a professional. 

The final verdict

All things considered, there are many ways to cope with your academic task which you might find on the Internet. However, even very smart apps cannot solve all the problems and they are definitely impossible to use if you need a premium quality research paper or dissertation. Therefore, we do recommend you use writing and editing services if you need fast assistance of the high-quality.

If you have questions about the service, you might ask the customer support representative via a live chat option 24/7. Also, you might combine using apps by utilizing writing service help when studying at college, high school, or university. 

Every student understands their school teacher that requires to give only correct answers. No matter whether it is a foreign language, science, history, history of the English language, or whatever type of school work, you are welcome to use the learning app. You might solve Math problems and get a detailed explanation of any question if you download the application on the App Store. No matter if it is iOS or Android, you will get your step-by-step instruction there for sure. 

The best questions about… 

What is the app that helps you with your homework?

If you want to get unstuck with your homework, Socratic may help. It is such a learning application that is powered by Google Artificial Intelligence to assist you in understanding your academic work at university and high school. Ask it a question and the application will find the most credible resources to answer your request.

How do you cheat on homework?

There are several ways to cheat on Math homework. First of all, copy the answers from other students. Join a certain group to complete the task. Paraphrase your answers. Utilize online search results. Do not tell anybody that we have taught you the right way to cheat.

Is using PhotoMath cheating?

No way using the app can be called cheating. Meaning, you do not use the application as an unfair privilege to earn a higher score. On the contrary, you deprive yourself of learning for which you have paid money. According to statistics, 75% of students utilize PhotoMath to check their answers. They use it also to define any missteps in their calculations, compare the solutions, and practice problems.

How can I get my homework answers online?

There are two main ways for you to use and get the answers online. Firstly, you might download an application if you need quick assistance with math problems. However, if you require a research paper, you would better utilize custom writing service and download the essay when it is completed. 

What app can answer any question?

The Socratic application might answer any question that you point your camera at. A new application might give you the answers to the home assignment in Math and even explain the perfect way to solve it. Meaning, you will only need to take a photo of the question.

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